The Truthsies about The Falsies!

After sampling honeslty, around 20 mascaras over the years, I have to say Maybelline’s line of The Falsies Volum’ Express masacaras are THE BOMB!

The first one I bought was the “Black Drama” version and it took a bit of getting used to the fibers in the formula, but I eventually got it to work for me. I think the formula of this one is wetter than the other two. With a fiber-y masacara, you want to wiggle the brush at your lash base and then pull up and out. This way, you lengthen the lash instead of packing on the product which leads to spiderweb lashes. ick :/

I then bought the waterproof version (blue label) for the summer. This is my least favorite formula as it dries too fast. But, I still use it when going to the beach or hiking because it really does stay on and is water-resistant. The brush is still the same, just a little difference in the product formula.

My latest addition is the Flared verison (silver writing). This one is the best out of all three hands down!! The brush is bigger, the formula is nice and wet, and it glides on miraculously.

I bought these the first two at Rite Aid for about $8.00 (much better than Sephora prices!). Rite Aid often has Maybelline sales like buy 1 get one so its worth a looksy. The Flared version is from my trip to Ulta. I got it on a buy one get one 50% off deal (I also bought the gel liner from Maybelline. Testing that soon) I kinda think Ulta is cheaper. What do you guys think??

If you’re really fed up with expensive mascaras that dry out, flake, or just plain suck, you might just be surpised by this drugstore gem!

What’s you favorite mascara of the moment?